"If the eventual goal is to be able to retrieve that knowledge from memory, perhaps practicing retrieval of that information would be a better way to learn," McDermott (2020).

How to use it?

Let's keep this as simple and straight forward as possible. RememberMore has three component parts.

  1. Classroom: A web-based Successive Relearning platform supported by a series of instruction routines

  2. RememberMore: Delivers adaptive and personalised Successive Relearning

  3. Dashboard: Administration and live learning insights and metrics. Content curation and collaboration.

Test drive: 'demoschool'

Download and install RememberMore

Groupcode: demoschool (all lower case)


RememberMore for educators720.mp4


  • Fast and flexible. Open and free.

  • Tens of thousands of categorised and tagged retrieval prompt pairs.

  • Define, design and own the content (or ours or a combination of both).

  • Road-tested, low stakes instruction routines to use and adapt.

Retrieve ➡️ Reflect ➡️ Reveal ➡️ Repeat. Options to ⤵️ Reorder 🔄 Refresh and Refine.

  • Leverage the direct and indirect learning gains of 'The testing effect.'

  • ⬇️ educator workload

  • ⬆️ quality assurance knowledge across classrooms.

  • ⬇️ reduce costs - no photocopying.

"I saw this in action in a year 7 class this week. Amazing stuff. Simple, quick and engaging." @JoHartley78


Integrates with your teaching and mirrors Classroom with RememberMore.

RememberMore adds:

  • adaptive, personalised Successive Relearning

  • 'Session summaries' to measure performance and 'Stats' to track progress

  • learning rewards to keep learners motivated and promote learner investment

  • personalised 'Settings'

Available on any iOS and Android device

Once installed and with the decks downloaded, RememberMore works offline sharing session stats when next connected to the internet

"Feedback on RememberMore is still immeasurably good! Students are thrilled to bits with it!"


Dashboard presents 'live' learning metrics (catalytics) for use in the classroom and learning insights (analytics) to inform teaching, all the time RememberMore is feeding back to learners and adapting.

Dashboard manages global Classroom and RememberMore settings:

  • Classroom and RememberMore brand

  • manage learners and decks

User metrics and reports now enable RememberMore to be used as a companion homework tool, removing the workload of homework marking.

📢 Dashboard is the home of the NEW responsive, collaborative deck editor

"All the information you need, while knowing that the gaps in student learning are being addressed as the learners use the app."

"For teachers/middle/senior leaders that are interested in having full ownership over knowledge centred curriculum and want to empower their learners in the process, RememberMore looks like it’s going to be transformative," Andy Sammons (Director of English and Strategic Lead - Data & Progress at Kettlethorpe High School) @andy_samm.

“...successive relearning throughout the semester could markedly improve performance on a cumulative final exam,” Vaughan et al., (2016).

"Successive Relearning strategies improve not just the learning of basic factual knowledge, but also skill learning and critical thinking," McDaniel et al., (2013).

Do you lead Teaching and Learning? Teacher training or CPD? Assessment? Whole School Improvement or literacy? Do you lead a Department or Faculty and want to encourage collaboration and reduce workload? Alternative Provision or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities? Are you pursuing an interest in retrieval practice? Successive Relearning? Metacognition? Learner confidence? Disciplinary literacy? Vocabulary acquisition? Then RememberMore can help.

To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge. - Confucius

"I have used it at the beginning of every lesson with my year 10 class. They love it as they can see immediate progress. I have, so far, just quizzed them on context and they have gone from 1 out of 5 to 5/6 out of 7 correct answers. They really like how they can see their own improvement. I have used it alongside the KO you sent for AIC and set this as a homework to learn a specific section. Overall, I and pupils love the app." @EnglishWareing

"Feedback on RememberMore is still immeasurably good! Students are thrilled to bits with it!" @MrClassics3

"The stuff dreams are made of, to be honest with you. We do exactly this sort of retrieval at the start of every lesson, but teachers write their own questions, and then we continually reuse the 100 or so that already exist. I'll be sharing with the team and classes tomorrow." @mrtandy_english

Defining and designing for RememberMore

As a former Headteacher and Vice Principal for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, I know how valuable considered, coherent and ambitious curriculum 'Middle' leadership is. One of the most significant indirect benefits of RememberMore, is that is demands that you define your declarative knowledge, the weight, distribution and sequence of knowledge, before you design how to deliver it. If you are a school leader or Head of Department or Faculty, this will be of interest to you.

Even more support if you're interested

"Kings' Science Department have embraced RememberMore and are using it in Key Stage 3 lessons. For example, as a starter activity, pupils in Year 8 review questions that require recall of knowledge from Year 7. Consistent use of the app and having the option to change from Q&A to A&Q has helped improve the recall of key vocabulary and key facts. The style, format and concept of the app to reinforce knowledge recall is something we are excited to explore with all pupils as they work through the course content. Our hope is that our pupils have excellent recall of knowledge so as to allow us to work with them to improve their application of recalled knowledge. " Paul Greer, Deputy Head of Science, Kings' School Winchester

"I highly recommend you having a look! I plan to use for 'do now' simple knowledge retrieval that takes almost no setting up - helpful when I'm constantly moving around!" @anoara_a

"I have come across the retrieval practice app site today and I'm marvelling at its potential. How can I get involved?" -- Another educator joins the RememberMore cooperative.

"Wow this is great! I looked at some of the human and physical topics I taught before Christmas and I wish I had this then!" - @LWrightGeog

"This looks fantastic!" - @hcoxcrox Head of Humanities

"Had a look then - looks awesome." @MrWoodENG