Having a page for the RememberMore 'Team' feels a little self-indulgent. Officially we are a team of two who benefit from the support and contributions of thirty or more global school leaders, teachers, industry specialists, data scientists, UX (user experience) and UI (user-interface) designers and learners... from Southampton to Scotland, from Hong Kong to Peru.

Kristian Still

As former Headteacher, school leader, curriculum and assessment enthusiast, I am always looking for the best ways for learners to learn, retain and remember more. After nearly ten years investigating, trialling and road-testing different strategies and routines, RememberMore was designed to raise learner outcomes and reduce educator workload. Had it not been for the period of lockdown - RememberMore may never have been hatched.

Alex Warren

Without the unwavering support of Alex Warren, RememberMore would never have seen the light of day. After hearing my proposal and with careful optimism, Alex set out a careful development road map for a RememberMore. Once committed to the project, Alex's skills, insights and project management led to a number of powerful insights that made RememberMore so much more than originally conceived. Alex continues to ensure our to-do list remains manageable.

Debating where to go next with RememberMore

The team behind the team

With over firsty (and growing) global school leaders, teachers, industry specialists, data scientists, UX (user experience) and UI (user-interface) designers and learners supporting RememberMore, we have made amazing progress. With a focused and driving ambition - to raise learner outcomes at the same time as reducing teacher workload - we push on.

We have headteachers and school leaders supporting the strategic deployment and effective use of RememberMore. We have experienced curriculum leaders and expert trainers designing RememberMore content, based on years of classroom experience, applying what they know works. We have teachers and trainers using, iterating and innovating RememberMore at the coalface, feeding back ideas and suggestions. We have a learner "Review Panel" closing the loop and feeding back to us on the end-user experience, we even have a learners designing, trialling and prototyping new product ideas. We are all working together to make RememberMore more memorial.

"Research-informed and experience-led" - we are working at the intersection of evidence and experience. Hence we are always very grateful for your ideas, feedback and questions-answer suggestions. If you want to know more, great - get in touch. If you have a cracking question-answer prompt you want to see added to a deck, fire away! If you have an idea or feedback - we would love to hear it.

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