RememberMore for the workplace

The unique aspect of RememberMore is how approach learning: how RememberMore codes and then presents knowledge and it's use of confidence-based assessments.

We simply say that RememberMore is "Research informed. Experience led. Results driven." However, someone still needs to decide what knowledge, when, and what behaviours we expect to change as a result. In a work setting, that someone is you. We use your expertise (or help you find the expertise you need). We help you design and package your content, presenting it back to your employees with RememberMore, keeping you informed about what staff remember. Upskilling your workforce and protecting your business indemnity.

What is more, research in this area suggests that it is "the fusion of knowledge and confidence that leads to behavioural outcomes and empowers people to act. People who are confidently correct will take actions that are productive," Bruno, (1995).

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RememberMore for parents

As a educator, I was ever thankful for the backing and support of invested parents and guardians, who were often working tirelessly behind the scenes, with the best interests of their children's learning at heart. We know, RememberMore can deepen that support.

So why Successive Relearning and why RememberMore?

You will have read how RememberMore is designed to optimse learning, adaptive and personalised to your child's learning. adopting a Successive Relearning approach, building confidence and correcting learners misinformed understanding of 'how to learn.' Our use confidence-based assessment approach removes the sometimes negative perceptions of "tests" and "testing," moving that outlook to learning and relearning. Lastly, RememberMore is mobile, studying can happen anytime, anywhere. On the bus to school, during wait times, no wifi needed.

RememberMore provides session summaries to measure learner performance and stats to track their progress. Insight we aim to share with you. We are working on a "parent-partner" view for RememberMore so that parents can view and celebrate their children's performance and progress - at any time. If you are a parent, and your child is using RememberMore, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so do get in touch.