How much does it cost?

Classroom is fast and flexible. Open and free.

RememberMore is available as a standalone app via the App Stores.

RememberMore as a solution is currently available for preview. Dashboard requires an assigned Admin and we therefore require an email to register an Admin account to access Dashboard.

How do I get my Cards on Classroom?

We would love to include your content (or Decks or Cards) on Simply "Contact us."

There is a second option. You can organise your own RememberMore solution. It is all explained on the 'Educators' tab.

How do I submit a single question-answer or Card to a Deck?

Simply, fill out the form and submit it. We review question-answers submissions weekly. If you want to contribute more than a single Card, maybe a Deck, "Contact us."

How reliable is Confidence-Based Assessments and concurrent metacognition?

Confidence-based assessment is a well researched area of education research within metacognition and learning. It is very reliable.

Siedlecka et al., (2016) reported confidence accuracy percentages above 70%, "response accuracy always correlated with confidence."

The research of Dr Justin Couchman and Dr Mariana Coutinho stands out. Couchman et al., (2016) found that confidence ratings for each individual question accurately predicted performance and were a much better decisional guide than retrospective judgements (post exam performance). Coutinho et al., (2020) found that confidence judgments were accurate indicators of performance with a significant benefit for students who rated their confidence compared to those that did not.

The evidence for confidence-based assessment in both intriguing and compelling.

Why not just mark every Card as "I know it."?

What is there to gain by marking every Card as "I know it?" Cards will all be assessed as "known" and all the cards have an equal chance of being presented. The learner will still only know, what you knew, when they started using RememberMore.

Leading the use of RememberMore includes framing the investment in RememberMore:

  • appreciable improvements in long-term learning

  • ensuring that "knowledge, once mastered, remains accessible and a part of each student’s core competency,” Rivers (2020)

  • deepened learner confidence.

What information or data do you collect?

RememberMore is designed for learning. RememberMore as a standalone app does not collect any data, metrics are reported on the device only. No information is shared with third parties.

Dashboard collects user metrics only. Dashboard is accessed via the "Admin" role.

It is Your responsibility to ensure that Your account is secure and that access is restricted solely to those with the required permission. You must immediately notify Us in the event of unauthorised access to Your account or any other breaches of security.

We only store the minimum data required to provide our services.

User names are set by the device owner.

All data is stored within the North Europe" region in Azure.

If you have any questions related to security or privacy, please "Contact us."