Having a page for the RememberMore 'Team' feels a little self-indulgent. Officially we are a team of two who have benefited from the support and contributions of over thirty (and growing) global school educators, leaders, teachers, industry specialists, data scientists, UX (user experience) and UI (user-interface) designers and learners... from Southampton to Scotland, from Hong Kong to Peru. And now we are researchers too.

Kristian Still

Kristian Still is a former Headteacher, school leader, curriculum and assessment enthusiast. After more than ten years investigating, trialling and road-testing different learning strategies and routines, RememberMore was designed to raise learner outcomes whilst at the same time reducing educator workload.

Alex Warren

Alex Warren is a Senior Software Developer. With his skills and critical evaluation, RememberMore has become so much more than originally conceived.

Want to know more about us?

Share a deck question-answer prompt.

Share your ideas and feedback.

We are actively looking to speak with RememberMore deck designers and content writers in the follow areas:

  • Primary curriculum specialists

  • Key Stage 3 specialists

  • GCSE and iGCSE: Opportunities to join most curriculum teams

  • Advanced and IB: All subjects with a particular interest in Accountancy

  • Adult educators and trainers, educators with innovative and creative ideas for the use of RememberMore

  • Workforce: Heavy content adult learning courses and Health and Safety, medical professionals interested in spaced repetition for intervention and support.

We are actively looking to partner with schools on phase 2 of RememberMore - and our first research study.