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Test drive RememberMore and Classroom immediately

  1. Download and install RememberMore (free).

  2. Use the group code "demoschool" (all lower case)

  3. "Choose" a deck (top right)

  4. Select "Review"

  5. Select the tag or tags you wish to learn or interleave tags, within or across categories.

  6. Present the same content to your pupils here

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"If the eventual goal is to be able to retrieve that knowledge from memory, perhaps practicing retrieval of that information would be a better way to learn," McDermott (2020).


Get a school branded classroom, RememberMore app and Dashabord.

  • Deck curation and collaboration and management

    • Customisable Dashboard

  • Metrics, catalytics (live statistics) and insights

  • Remove homework marking

  • Administration - manage users, decks and global settings


Return the order form with the following information:

  • School name (eg Kings High School) preferred shortname and group code (eg khs)

  • Contact email(s) for access to your Dashboard

  • Number of users

  • 3 decks from Classroom that you can use and customise - think of it as an on-boarding thank

  • Return our Order Form


Let's keep this super simple

£2 per user, per year

Should you wish to use our decks

£99 per deck, per year