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What is it?

RememberMore delivers personalised and adaptive, spaced retrieval practice with feedback or Successive Relearning,* leading to more confident, knowledgeable and successful learners.

Successive Relearning* - "Repeated retrieval practice of the same information (with feedback) over multiple, spaced sessions,” Higham et al., (2021).*

Why it works?

Real learning is counter-intuitive and feels counter-productive. This leads to learners adopting ineffective or sub-optimal learning and revision strategies. RememberMore addresses these misconceptions, drawing on "a wealth of evidence," from years of Cognitive psychology research on the Testing Effect, spacing, feedback and metacognition. It works because it was designed by educators and learners. It works because it continues to be developed in response to educators actually working at the coal face of teaching. It works because it is personalised and adaptive.

"...personalized review yielded a 16.5% boost in course retention over current educational practice (massed study) and a 10.0% improvement over a one-size-fits-all strategy for spaced study," Lindsey et al., (2014).

"Successive relearning is a powerful learning tool that is easy to implement in real classrooms and that it confers multiple learning benefits," Higham et al., (2021).

"Relearning had pronounced effects on long-term retention with a relatively minimal cost in terms of additional practice trials," Rawson et al., (2018).

"Feedback on RememberMore is still immeasurably good! Students are thrilled to bits with it!" @MrClassics3

Our aim: Improve learner outcomes at the same time as reducing educator workload.