Learn More. Know More. RememberMore.


RememberMore is a personalised spaced retrieval practice+ app that helps you learn faster and retain knowledge for longer

"...personalized review yielded a 16.5% boost in course retention over current educational practice (massed study) and a 10.0% improvement over a one-size-fits-all strategy for spaced study," Lindsey et al., (2014).

What is it?

RememberMore has three components

  1. Remembermore - a personalised spaced retrieval practice+ app

  2. Classroom - a web based platform presenting fast and flexible spaced retrieval practice+ cards

  3. Dashboard - reporting learner metrics and insights and deck editor to create content

How it works?

  1. Get in touch and we will set you up

  2. Upload or create content or use our content

  3. Download and install RememberMore

  4. Enter your "group code" - and you're ready to learn

  5. Content is synced and shared across RememberMore

  6. All learning is reported via the Dashboard

"Successive relearning (repeated spaced practice) is a powerful learning tool that is easy to implement in real classrooms and that it confers multiple learning benefits," Higham et al., (2021).

"Given the strong evidence for its memorial benefits, many cognitive and educational psychologists now classify testing as among the most effective educational techniques discovered to date,” Pan and Rickard (2018).

"Feedback on RememberMore is still immeasurably good! Students are thrilled to bits with it!" @MrClassics3

Our aim: Improve learner outcomes at the same time as reducing educator workload.