How do I submit a question (retrieval prompt) to a deck?

Simple fill out the form and submit it. We review question-answers submission fairly regularly. If you want to contribute more than a single prompt, maybe a deck, do get in touch.

How reliable is confidence-based assessments?

Confidence-based assessment is a well researched area of education research.

According to Hunt (2003), research shows that the retention of newly learned material is systematically related to "how sure" people are about the correctness of their answers when they learn it. Confidence-based assessment is a highly correlative measures between human self-assessment and learning.

WITHOUT the correct answer, research has shown that learners were able to accurately assess whether their answer was right or wrong 77% of the time with average self-assessment generally improved over time. Yuen-Reed, Gigi and Reed, Kyle (2015).

As important is that the act of assessing one’s own judgment of learning is one of the most effective ways to deepen a memory trace, Sadler (2006) with the connection of confidence and knowledge accelerating learning and improving student performance - primarily by creating a more confident and productive student. (Adams and Ewen, 2009)

The evidence for confidence-based assessment in both intriguing and compelling.

How do I get a hold of RememberMore?

RememberMore is made up of three (soon to five) components. The app, classroom and dashboard. Working together, you have the RememberMore System.

You may want all or just part of the system? You may want even more? Drop us an email and we will find out the best way for us to support you.

Why not just mark every question-answer as easy?

What is there to gain by marking every question-answer prompt as easy? Learners simply get to the point where all the cards have an equal chance of being presented and the learner still only knows, what you knew, when they started using Remember.More, plus a little more than they did at the start through exposure to the cards.

Leading the use of RememberMore includes framing the reason for investing learner time with RememberMore. It is less about assessment than it is about building substantive knowledge and learner confidence.

We are currently discussing and exploring the role of 'assessment' within the RememberMore system.

What information do you collect?

At present, is a standalone app and reports information back to you on your performance and progress.

No information is shared with third parties.

What is a frequently asked question?

Here is where you can write the answer to that question.