How does RememberMore Work?

RememberMore is simple to use but with more under the hood than you might expect.

When you learn with flash cards you are engaging in
retrieval practice. This means that when you are presented with a Card you are retrieving the answer from your long term memory before revealing the answer to see how you did. When you come back to the Decks regularly over time you are engaging in spaced practice. This process of learning, testing, relearning and retesting with feedback over time is called successive relearning. Learning from a mix of Categories and Tags in a Deck provides an interleaving effect. Mixing things up in this way can also boost learning.

When you use RememberMore you are experiencing personalised successive relearning and developing your metacognitive accuracy - boosting your learning and saving you time.

Learner set up

  1. Download and install RememberMore for free.

  2. Use the group code (all lower case).

[Year_Class_Name] eg 10X_KristianStill

  1. Enter your name.

  1. Choose a deck (top right).

    • Select or switch between decks.

  2. Select Review.

  3. Design your Review by selecting Tags.

    • Filter or combine the Tags you want to learn.

    • Note the Challenge level.

  4. Select your Modes.

    • Number of cards.

    • Card format.

  5. Begin your Review.

    • Read the card question - recall the answer.

    • Read the response - assess your knowledge.

    • 'Did you know it.'

  6. Review your progress via the Session summary.

  7. Check your Session has synced via Settings.

    • Manage your Settings.

  8. Review My Stats.

  9. Review your Rewards.

Get your own "secret weapon," for learning.

ExtendedRM for learners.mp4

Why do I have to respond in the app to the question "Did you know it?"

RememberMore uses confidence-based assessment to rate your confidence presenting a four point " Did you know it?" scale.

What is the difference between 'yes' and '100%'?

The answer is - confidence! Answer "Yes" when you know. Answer "100%" when you knew the answer and were 100% confident in your answer - before pressing 'Reveal.'

Confidence-based assessment ratings have been shown to accurately predict performance and were a much better than decisions made after a test or exam. Furthermore, confidence judgements can "stimulate the learners to reflect their understanding of learning topics and the quality of knowledge they acquired," Barenberg and Dutke (2019).

Now for the clever bit. Depending on your answer, RememberMore personalises the Cards, boosting your learning and saving you time. All the time helping your reflect on your learning.

"Did you know?" labels can be personalised in the Settings.

Why not just mark every Card as 100%?

You could do that, but you will actually learn much slower and you may not even remember the information at all. If you respond how you really feel then RememberMore will help you by showing you the cards you find harder more often so that you learn them quicker.

How much does RememberMore cost?

Classroom is fast, flexible, open and free with access to existing content without sign on.

RememberMore has both Free and PRO options.

To get your own RememberMore system with Classroom and Dashboard requires an assigned Admin and we therefore require an email to register an Admin account. There is a free version and options for subscription packages depending on the size of your group and whether you are a school or a business. Please see For Schools or For Business for details.

How do I submit my idea for a Card?

Simply, fill out the form and submit it. We review Q&A Card submissions weekly. If you want to contribute multiple Cards or a whole Deck, please contact us.

How do I put my own Cards on Classroom or the App?

We would love to include your Decks and Cards. Sign up for your own RememberMore to be able to edit existing decks and create your own.
Please see
For Schools or For Business for details.

What information or data do you collect?

Please see our full Privacy Policy.

How secure is RememberMore?

If you sign up for RememberMore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your account is secure and that access is restricted solely to those with the required permission.
You must immediately notify
us in the event of unauthorised access to your account or any other breaches of security.
User names are set by the device owner.All data is stored within the North Europe region in Azure.