RememberMore App
for Business

Easy app for job-related training

RememberMore is not only used by schools but also by businesses to enhance professional training experiences with flashcard learning and memorising.

Demo RememberMore now

  1. Download and install RememberMore for free.

  2. Enter the group code demoschool (all lower case).

  3. Enter your name.

  4. Choose a deck (top right).

  5. Select Review.

  6. Design your Review by selecting Tags.

  7. Select your Modes.

  8. Begin your Review.

  9. Review your progress via the Session summary.

  10. Check your Session has synced via Settings.

  11. Review My Stats.

  12. Review your Rewards.

Sign up for RememberMore Business

Get a branded Classroom, RememberMore app and Dashboard for your business.

  • Add and manage your users when you sign up for your own group code.

  • Create decks for your training content - create up to 10 of your own decks free.

  • Access the same decks between Classroom and the App.

  • Track learner progress using Dashboard statistics and gain insights for your training programmes.

RememberMore Free

1 group code for use by up to 200 users.

RememberMore Pro

For multiple courses and groups