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RememberMore is an adaptive system that uses Cognitive Science principles and research-informed learning strategies to deliver optimised Successive Relearning (SR). Learning that accelerates the learners' time to knowledge mastery, focuses attention, boosts retention and helps learners retain that knowledge for longer, all the while, building “Confidently Correct" learners.

"Feedback on RememberMore is still immeasurably good! Students are thrilled to bits with it!"

Retrieval practice alone can provide improved recall performance by as much as 10-20%. When combined with Spaced Retrieval (Successive Relearning), the effect is multiplied, Dobson (2013).

Why RememberMore?

Most learners are misinformed about how to learn because of various cognitive biases: real learning is counter-intuitive and feels counter-productive.* Not least that forgetting (yes, forgetting) is important to learning. These misconceptions lead to ineffective or sub-optimal learning and revision strategies, most commonly rereading and highlighting, Kornell & Bjork, (2007); Callender & McDaniel, (2009); Putnam et al., (2016), massed practice (cramming) instead of spaced or distributed practice (practice with gaps) McCabe, (2015); Pyc and Rawson, (2012), blocked practice (thick-slicing or mastering one topic at a time) instead of interleaving (thin-slicing different topics); Dunlosky et al., (2013); Kirk-Johnson et al., (2019).

RememberMore addresses these misconceptions, optimises learning, focusing attention, building “Confidently Correct" learners.

"Does retrieval practice improve Learner learning in school and classroom settings? Based on our literature review, our response for researchers and educators is an unequivocal 'yes,'" Agarwal et al., (2020).

"If the eventual goal is to be able to retrieve that knowledge from memory, perhaps practicing retrieval of that information would be a better way to learn," McDermott (2020).

Research informed. Experience led. Results driven.

RememberMore can be offered as an integrated, bespoke solution, enabling any school or group of schools, training provider or employer, to leverage the learning gains of SR with full ownership of the content learners are exposed to. Or as a discrete app.


Capital Cities

"This app has been great for my GCSE revision! It's simple, intuitive to use and helps you refresh those odd bits of knowledge you may otherwise forget!" - student Tom W


Capital Cities

"I like the app better and I like how it tells u if u have done better the second time, I like how you rate yourself on the question, it makes you realise what you don't know." - student Lea H

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Optimise learning

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"For teachers/middle/senior leaders that are interested in having full ownership over knowledge centred curriculum and want to empower their learners in the process, RememberMore looks like it’s going to be transformative," Andy Sammons (Director of English and Strategic Lead - Data & Progress at Kettlethorpe High School) @andy_samm.

With a focused and driving ambition: To improve learner outcomes, at the same time as, reducing educator workload.