Learn More. Know More. RememberMore.

Fast, flexible, Spaced Retrieval Practice

Boost retention. Accelerate mastery. Build confidence.

For busy educators β˜•β°πŸ‘ and determined students 😁🎯πŸ₯‡.

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Simply, RememberMore helps you remember substantive knowledge faster and retain it for longer. Learn More. Know More.

Most learners are misinformed about how to learn because of various cognitive biases: real learning is counter-intuitive and feels counter-productive. These misconceptions lead to ineffective or sub-optimal learning and revision strategies, most commonly massed practice (cramming) instead of spaced practice (practice with gaps); blocked practice (thick-slicing or mastering one topic at a time) instead of interleaving (thin-slicing different topics).

RememberMore addresses these shortfalls, strengthening both memory encoding and retrieval strength with our adaptive, confidence-based assessment approach, performance and progress metrics and rewards.

Research informed. Experience led. Results driven.

We wanted learners to learn more, know more and RememberMore; to be able to think more deeply about their learning. After all, we can only think about, talk about, write about or act upon, what it is we know. So that as their teacher or tutor, we could take these learners further and deeper into their learning during lessons.

We took the very best components of tried and road-tested, research-informed learning strategies and applied Cognitive Science1 principles. We baked in even greater learner agency and added learning pre-sights, feedback and rewards. Lastly, at every step on the design process, we asked real learners for their feedback and we asked real educators to curate the very best question-answer prompts based on their classroom and workplace experience.


The RememberMore 'system.'

Essentially the RememberMore 'system' or approach is made up of three components:

  1. πŸ“’ Available now on both iOS and Android

  2. πŸ“’ Available now - fast, flexible, Spaced Retrieval Practices via any web browser, together with a tried and tested classroom based pedagogy routine. For busy educators β˜•πŸ‘ and determined students. of teaching

  3. πŸ“’ In Development - - reports learner metrics and supports learning insights

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