Classroom Global

At RememberMore (RM), we ambition is simple:

🎯 to raise learner outcomes at the same time as reducing teacher workload.

And so we push on. We are making Classroom RM (CRM) available to as many educators as possible in three easy steps.

Request a CRM "platform" if one does not yet exist for your school, district or learning community. Classroom is available by "education system" or jurisdiction or country or school. Currently we have Scotland, Cymru and DemoSchool platforms as examples.

Read RememberMore Deck Design - this helps frame the task ahead.

State your chosen CRM and "deck title" via the "Contact us" link. We will give you access to the "deck" build template where you can collaborate and we will add your deck to the CRM.

Then it is over to you. Classroom routines, learner videos, educator professional development, all available this website.