PD & Research

Are you pursuing an interest in Retrieval Practice? Successive Relearning? Metacognition? Learner Confidence? Disciplinary literacy? Vocabulary acquisition?

Do you lead Teaching and Learning? Teacher training or CPD? Assessment? Whole School Improvement? Alternative Provision or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities? Do you lead a Department or Faculty and want to encourage collaboration and reduce workload?

Partnering with a leading UK University School of Psychology, we are now investing in applied research to further develop RememberMore and support the use of Successive Relearning, in and out of classrooms. To improve learner outcomes, at the same time as, reducing teacher workload.

Aware of the professional demands on schools and educators, the aims and the contribution of schools and educators, to this first study are modest. We encourage you to review the "Next Steps," the "give and gets" section below, and we hope, that you will be keen to be involved. We are particularly interested in connecting with educators and institutions from Primary and Tertiary sectors and Teaching, Learning and leads.

"Feedback on RememberMore is still immeasurably good! Students are thrilled to bits with it!"

Phase 1: Pilot Study

Next Steps

Are you interested in research-informed teaching and learning strategies? Retrieval practice, the "testing effect," Successive Relearning or metacognition in particular? Yes?

Are you interested in professional collaboration and conversation within your own school and across schools? Yes?

Are you currently discussing how to leverage the benefits of the "testing effect," and / or metacognition for your learners? Yes?

Are you keen on support educator efficiencies? Support quality assurance and practice across a groups of schools, withing a school, a department or team? Reduce workload? Yes?

Then we hope you will get in touch?

What you "give"

Time to familiarise yourself with RememberMore (1-2 hrs)

Local administration and communication

Educator participation feedback (3 x 15-30 mins)

Learner participation in 3 x 3 mins feedback opportunities delivered via the RM App

What you "get"

Use of the RememberMore "system" and published content

  • Branded Classroom RM

  • Branded RM app

  • Access to RM Dashboard via OKTA

The opportunity to define and design content for your own use of RememberMore

The opportunity to engage in applied education research with a leading UK university

The opportunity to connect with like-minded education professionals

Six research informed articles for your Teaching and Learning newsletter

Early access to the research findings

The opportunity to feedback and inform the development of the RememberMore app

Acknowledgement of your school participation and acknowledgement of your participation in applied education research for your professional CV

Why applied research?

In March 2021, both Agarwal et al., (2021) and Yang et al., (2021) published significant, systematic and meta-analytic reviews outlining the extensive and convincing evidence for retrieval practice or "testing effect," and the importance of "spacing" for effective long-term retention. Both papers also presented recommendations .

Agarwal et al., (2021) called for future research on retrieval practice to "more closely mirror common classroom practices," and to "examine factors unique to applied settings." Similarly, Yang et al., (2021) called for future research to "bridge the existing gap between research on test-enhanced learning and its practical application," and to "consider how to translate principles from cognitive research on test-enhanced learning into mainstream educational policy and practice."

We share those ambitions and with your help, we hope to respond. First with a pilot study to further optimise RememberMore and support the use of Successive Relearning, in and out of classrooms, to report upon at educator and learners experience. Followed by an extended research study investigating the impact of Successive Relearning and RememberMore on learner outcomes and educator workload.

Future research plans

It is our intention that this research commitment and partnership will continue, with plenty of enquiry questions on Successive Relearning, metacognition, learner confidence and motivation for RememberMore to explore. Should you wish to take an active role in applied education research, do get in touch.