Making the most of RememberMore

  1. Download and install RememberMore for free.

  2. Enter the group code (all lower case).

  3. Enter your name.

  4. Choose a deck (top right).

  5. Select Review.

  6. Design your Review by selecting Tags.

  7. Select your Modes.

  8. Begin your Review.

  9. Review your progress via the Session summary.

  10. Check your Session has synced via Settings.

  11. Review My Stats.

  12. Review your Rewards.

Getting Started

  • Choose a deck - with the ability to select or switch between decks.

  • Deck - a collection of cards

  • Category - a division of information, eg Location, Overview, Theme and Character.

  • Tag - a label or topic within a Category

  • Challenge level - the personalised difficulty rating of the Review based on the last time you reviewed those exact same cards.

  • Card - a retreival prompt pair (a question-answer pair)

    • Unseen - % of cards not yet seen or reviewed

    • Mastered - % of cards defined as learnt or secure

  • Modes - Number of cards and format

  • Begin the Review

Design your Review

Within Location - Ch 01 - Ch 04 are selected (41 Cards).

"Retrieval Practice alone can provide improved recall performance by as much as 10-20%. When combined with Spaced Retrieval, the effect is multiplied," (Dobson, 2013).


RemeberMore is designed to minimise distraction and help you focus on your learning. RememberMore also;

  • keeps track of your card number

  • cues the retrieval prompts with the selected Tags to promote success/remembering

  • informs you whether the card was previously Unseen or reviewed and Mastered or coded by the deck designer as a "key card" (key)

  • Begin your Review.

    1. Read the card question - recall the answer.

    2. Read the response - assess your knowledge.

    3. 'Did you know it.'

  • Review your progress via the Session summary.

Reveal - shows the "Did you know it?" buttons. (Confidence-based assessment) and Notes if available.

  • Notes or hints are shown by pressing the ? icon.

Read the card question - recall the answer.

Reveal the answer

Read the response - assess your knowledge.

'Did you know it.'

“The connection of confidence and knowledge provides an acceleration of learning and improves student performance by creating a more confident and productive student,” Adams and Ewen, (2009).

Stats, Rewards and Settings

With RememberMore, every Review counts and contributes to your learning. The Session summary helps you assess your performance with immediate feedback on a 12 point scale and also the Session duration. These metrics inform your My Stats and Rewards.

Settings enable you to personalise your "Did you know it?" buttons and to show/hide tags. Always make sure your Sessions are syncs are "All synced."

Next steps for learning with RememberMore

  • Use RememberMore Categories and Tags to target or interleave your relearning or revision.

  • Switch between decks.

  • Remove the Tags to make cards a little more difficult (see Settings).

  • Use all three Modes - Q-A, A-Q and Mix.

  • Contribute cards to the deck.

Top tips for RememberMore

  • Grow your Review total card count slowly. Start small, adding Tags rather than switching between Tags.

  • Pay attention to the Challenge level.

  • Use RememberMore to regain time - when you are on the bus or waiting in line or travelling.

  • Short more frequent Reviews are better than long, infrequent Reviews.

  • Take your time with "starred" cards.

  • Use the Rewards to set micro goals.

  • Maintain your Streak - it feels good when you invest in yourself and you will soon start to see and feel the benefits in class.

More Tips

RememberMore is design to make learning difficult, but in a good way. When reviewing difficult cards, pause, think hard, look for connections between the prompt and the tags (if shown).

Completing a deck is a great achievement. Experience (and the metrics) tells us that completing the final 10-15% of cards is tough. Here is why? The more you know, the more you need to review and remember and RememberMore continues to present to you the mastered of the cards, just at longer spaced intervals.

Learners tend to be "overconfident in predicting their own learning" when new to the deck content. RememberMore may feel like "overlearning" and it is - for good reason.